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The three days spent well.

So this is the media world. I attended my first ever BMM fest, POLARIS 2012: where genius meets madness. Oh yes, I did expect it to go a little crazy but they were the best three days of my life in this year. I am not kidding. From the day Polaris came to be known to us, as FYS, it was all about PR for me.

It’s public relationships, incase my engineer and medical friends don’t know. :p Thinking of crazy slogans, posters, flags, cutting, painting, drawing, etc. etc. forms it all.

The first day wasn’t that great but as the days went on, “Steve Jobs”-our contingent, came to be known by everyone. The level of tension, craziness, happiness, was badass.

Shouting out slogans in the hall was the best part. And I bring in some good news, especially for people who know how good I am at art, I painted!! I am super proud of it! My voice had been dead but hot milk brought in by my mother saved me. And I was able to shout on all the three days.

I can’t wait for more festivals to tick in. And most importantly, I can’t wait to organize fests at my own college. Also, I can’t wait to be the CL or the ACL for any fest!

I would just end it by saying that taking up BMM(bachelor of mass media) has been my BEST decision ever!


About Niharika Gulati

Here to express my personal views. Mass media graduate. Have big dreams, feel the constant need to accomplish them one step at a time.

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