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I haven’t written for a really long time but here I am, trying to jot down my time at this college which transformed from a place full of strangers to a place of your own kind. Writing regularly gets difficult due to lack of time and space because, hostel! But no, not using that as an excuse.

Symbiosis for me began from a small dream to actually converting it and living up to my own expectations. They say, a post grad college challenges and builds your managerial skills. If making decisions about eating the dirty mess food or having junk (again) are termed as “managing”, then yes, that’s what hostel life is all about.

I knew I grew up a little when LinkedIn became the new “most used app”, when Twitter meant following professionals and hoping for a project opportunity, when going out to the city feels like a task. Okay, that’s probably me getting older. To realize, our seniors will be gone in a few days and we won’t be disturbing them and by the time that hits us, we’ll be out. One semester down, 2nd one is, where did time fly?
Always dreamed of staying alone, without parents but what’s the best part? Staying 3 hours away from home. No laundry tension, no food tension, none of that. Staying alone in a hostel gives you a lot of freedom. But sometimes, what’s the point of living free without family?

Next high point in my life here. INTERNSHIP!! Unnecessarily stressing over the job profiles, waiting for the best suitable company and guess what? Cracked the only company I wanted. After struggling forever to get through a good MBA college, here I am, listening to Prateek Kuhad, fairy lights switched on and hoping  nothing goes wrong because good things do happen, and when they do, you can’t do anything but keep yourself to the ground.

Here’s to making the most of my remaining time here and learning much more than just


Turmoils of Life.

As you may or may not, my stories are mostly inspired by people. Not because, I love meeting people but they’re the best source of stories and and well, learning. No, that wasn’t an interview answer as you may perceive it to be. I do believe in people, I do believe one is creative around creative people and I also do believe you grow with everyone combined together. Of lately, life decisions have been super hard. Don’t worry, I won’t “enlighten” you with them but hey, there’s something extremely exciting about taking decisions when you’re just 20. 

Well, “people”, or rather everybody has a life plan right? Or they presume they do or wait, maybe they let life take the flow of it. Maybe they let life take over and become a free bird in their life plan. No, I’m not going to criticize because I think it’s surprisingly beautiful how it actually makes sense. 

One dream, one motive, multiple ways and a thousand other distractions.

I’m not jotting down the motives, the dreams and the other cliche content. Neither am I writing about motivational shit you’re oh so fascinated by nor is this article about some “15 mindblowing ways you can overcome your tension”. No in fact it’s about IMAGINATION,something that drives us away from our monotonous life right?

You want to buy a dragon egg after watching Game of Thrones and do absolutely nothing with it, a Harvey suits after watching Suits and become the classiest lawyer ever, buy meth after watching Breaking Bad and want to be druggist (okay, point taken, sir). But you know what’s essential in life? A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BAG. 

People tell me there’s no scientific proof that zombies will happen but wait, what if they do? Do you have a bag ready? No, guess not. I suggest you start watching Walking dead and keep a bag with essential supplies ready. Okay? Okay. That said and done, this will be your best decision life. It was mine. 

I know I was talking about people but look at it, there are two ways to deal with life. 

  1. Let life take control of you. What happens? ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE OCCURS AND YOU AREN’T READY. Just kidding, it’s beautiful to be unprepared and letting things take their own turn and so so beautiful when life surprises you (omg mutants)
  2. You take control of life. What happens? Well, you have a bag pack with knives and guns maybe and food supply and you’re ready to take on zombies. No, you have life in your own control. This is a part of growing up, take decisions. Hold on to your decision and our fancy game of life. 

Obviously being very organized, I do prefer the later. But maybe I am missing out on something. Maybe. Just maybe. Either way, it’ll always be a maybe. 







I’ve been off internet on my phone since a couple of weeks now, I switch it on if and when required (once a week, generally) and it doesn’t really make a big of difference.
I was quite active on Twitter until the whole “let’s shut net” thing came upon. I saw this post and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.
Such few words but such deep meaning in this. I am the type of person who does believe in philosophical quotes only if they make sense, not some forced one. This right here is not philosophical, is not deep but out right.
You know why I love it so much? Because it’s rather true. Let’s admit it, you are all waiting to explode the anger inside you by either shouting or crying or various other methods. You seek the opportunity when no one is home. You break down. You go to wash your face in the washroom, you look up and baam! There’s the mirror conveying the deepest truth possible. You look at yourself and wonder why is it you’re crying so much, who and what made the situation so tense, why is it always you? You want to stop crying, you want to stop those damn tears from rolling down your cheeks, you want life to take a pause but such is life.

Your reasons for crying may seem petty enough or maybe it’s just the anger pouring out in the form of tears but there are people dying because of terrorist attacks and malnutrition and what not and you are crying because of whatever reason it is. Get up, face the World, you can’t give excuses to yourself for making a scene out of this. You look at yourself in the mirror and you feel worse because that one look with your eyes swollen and red, your face filled with tear drops all over, your lips in the middle of cracking, you can’t even recognize yourself anymore.

You hold on to it, you want to stop this feeling of not being able to face yourself, your heart is rooting for you from the inside to stop crying, you take a deep breath and wish things could just turn around and voila! they don’t.

That, my friend, is pain.

This story above isn’t just a personal story but a story I know most of you guys go through whether you accept it or not.

A dream full of dreams

With books in a subliminal corner, admit cards rolling in, scoring low in the mock tests, moving on from Mumbai Mirror to Economic Times, ticking off the chapter done, putting a star across the chapters undone, waking up to a desk full of organized books, surviving on coffee and chewing gums (and maybe alcohol), life’s changed and how.

2 weeks for my exams to roll in. 2 months for my exams to get over. 2 years of MBA. Well, my professor says “2 is a beautiful number”. Oh, indeed it is. But let’s face the sound of the music now, shall we?

Getting pampered while sitting at home is probably the best kind of comfort you’ll ever get. I’ve becoming so accustomed to it now, I don’t know how I’m going to survive it outside there in the World where I have to earn my own coffee, my own desk space, everything on my own. I should be scared but more than that, I’m excited for what my future holds.
I’m excited to give my exams, to study for 2 years, to work for another 2 years and then go abroad for further education. I’m so excited that sometimes I stream away from this excitement and settle in a place far far away where I have the most perfect life I’ve always dreamt of. It’ll be a climb but I guess it won’t be that bad.
Everyone has something to look forward to. To dream about.
Do not lose your spirit wherever you are, wherever you go. Keep that spirit alive.
Well, I get excited about having a fancy breakfast. Find your excitement. Find your dream. It’ll be worth it.

Putting together the puzzle

Have you ever been the party pooper? The one sitting in a corner in a decent enough party waiting to be out of the god damn heels and waiting to be in your comfortable pajamas? Probably not. As you guys know (or not), I have been sitting at home without a concrete job “trying to” study. The past one year has been exhaustive, been out of touch with the recent news (no WhatsApp and no internet on phone can do that to you) and most importantly, been more involved with my own family (the best perk).
So imagine this scenario for me all right? You’re sitting at home, no WhatsApp, no twitter, no internet. Only gmail and google hangout (let’s be honest, who really chats on google hangout anyway). The games on your phone are about “Vocab building” and “Pocket Logical Reasoning”, etc. You go out once a week for your weekend class from morning to evening or go for the NGO work you generally do once a week. You stay in touch with your close friends via phone calls (trust me on this, phone calls are way way better than the WhatsApp/Hike/Twitter/Facebook chats). A normal person would go insane in that environment. Look, I survived.
You will come out of that scenario but you would have changed by then.
I won’t say I changed a lot but when you have know you changed, you have. A year back, my “excited” meant going out, getting ready but now I wouldn’t be more happier than to just go down for a walk with my dog. Parties seem a pain in the ass to attend. Attending a party is not as easy as it seems for a person who’s been home for such a long time. Here’s a step by step list you NEED to follow, just in case you’re forced to go out:
First, check the people attending the function/ceremony/party.
Second, prepare your mind to be out of the comfort zone.
Third, reconsider your friendship with the person who invited a million other people as well. (million means 5 friends in my case)
Forth, get out of your pajamas and wear something decent. (That torture, if you’re a girl, you’d understand)
Fifth, just go. Do not think again. I repeat, do not think again.
Sixth, prepare a list of “small talk” conversations. It’ll be handy if you’re meeting people you don’t like.
Seventh, do not roll eyes/make faces at people. Prepare a survival kit for the party.
You’re good to go.

Anyway, the whole point being that one of my biggest fear is here. An extrovert turned introvert. A year back, I’d love to sit and talk to people aimlessly for hours (I mean gossip) but now, I’d rather just watch Modern Family or Friends and sleep that time.
I know being an introvert isn’t all that bad, but hey, let’s face it. A person who loved to meet people and interact now likes to sit at home and do absolutely nothing. It sounds like a good life actually. No fake formalities, no fake smiles, no mandatory pictures, no need to get ready, no heels, just a blanket and a good doze of sleep.

Everyone has their comfort zones, mine is with the 3-4 people I’m extremely close to. Everyone likes to be in that zone, I’m sure you do too. A circle of people where you can not have a bath for 2 days who will still be okay with it (or maybe not but who cares anyway).
Life, undoubtedly is like a puzzle. The sooner, you assemble the pieces, the better. Accepting the pieces and their area of belongingness is what makes the difference. After accepting, you have to arrange the pieces so they fit the puzzle accurately.
I have accepted the fact that I’m in my comfort zone, the fact that a few set of people meet me out there, the fact that anything out of that zone will slowly kill me. Literally.
It’s a part of me that comes undivided. Find your comfort zone and stay there, it’s the best level of excitement you get.

Mission MBA

A year back, people said “Niharika’s life is sorted. MBA and then a good job”. I guess it sounds that simple, you know. MBA admission will be a breeze, they said. Do not believe anyone who says that. Coming from a science background, people said it won’t be that difficult. But then I took a step into arts, into BMM. And from here on, my life started revolving around square roots, percentages and what now. Blah!

The struggle is real, my friend. I joined classes a year back but due to the pressure of projects and graduate studies, never got the time to actually sit and study properly for the exams. That’s one thing I thoroughly regret too. I wish I did listen to everybody who told me to study. I wish did study actually last year. I wouldn’t have to waste a year (right now).

Anyway no point in regretting. I’ve got a lot of people to prove right now. I won’t be the smartest of the lot but I’ll be the most hard working one of the lot. I don’t know what fate has in store for me. And I didn’t believe in these superficial things like fate and luck but after having experienced last year, I really do believe fate can take you places you’ve never been before. It’s something that drives you to your destination. Guess my destination is way too far but I’ll be there. If not now, then later.

(Okay that just motivated me to study)

The famous Mumbai Monsoon

It’s that time of the season again! Hurray! Umm no, calm those monsoon vibes, the most dreadful season is here. There are 3 kind of people, as I like to think so. One group that love rain so much who don’t mind sitting in their window and enjoying people get wet with all the mud splashing from the cars. The second group of people that curse themselves everyday for this day to never come. The third and the last group of people who are completely neutral about it because hey, who needs to step out right?
Clearly from all the angst, I’ll fall in the category of hating rains so much I’d skip this season knowing the circumstances. I could literally list down the reasons why I hate rains but which is why I’m writing this article but okay.

Traffic. Every where you go, it’s flooded with just a day of rain in Mumbai. Okay rain Gods, we get it! Stop letting us be late for every work.  

Wet clothes. Goes without saying. Dump your jeans, dump your full length pants, dump your white beautiful clothes, dump it all away. With wet clothes comes the stink. Traveling in a public mode of transport with people literally touching you with their wet clothes/bodies. Not that I’m a complete hygiene freak but there has to be a limit.

Footwear. Pick out your 1 pair of footwear that you’ll wear for the rest of the monsoon period. Unless you want to save the embarrassment of slipping in front of a large public. (Happened once to me. That too on stairs. In public. Nothing can get worse than that)

Diseases, electrical cuts, sewage, bad transport facilities, a risk of flood are just a few reasons.

Also, what’s with the pakoda and chai references? Isn’t that more enjoyable in the winter (best weather everr)
No offense.

Anyway coming to the good part of this filthy (lol) period:
Comfort food. Soups are a win win situation this time. Filter coffee works. (Saving the good ones i.e. hot chocolate for the winters). Maggi would probably work (but hey, Maggi ban).

You’re saved from the Mumbai heat. No more sun, no more humidity, just dirty rain water all over.

I know people love rains and I completely respect that. What I’ve shared above is just my opinion. Hoping to not offend anyone. But enjoy this weather with steamy pakodas and coffee/chai (lol)