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FAMILY- yes, I am doing an article about them because they mean a LOT to me. Of course, there was a time when you wanted to be away from them but you know deep inside you couldn’t stay without them. I have never stayed without them for more than a week. And I really want to. Never got a hostel experience and I know for a fact, I never will for a minimum amount of three years.

All the ignorance, the looks, the raised eyebrows, the “talk to the hand” sign has started to intensify a little bit more these days. (This is just because when I come back from college, I am DEAD. FLAT on my bed.) And i am really sorry for all of this. 😦

Let’s jump on to my dearest sister. She gets brownie points here because I am doing BMM because of her. No, really. If she didn’t support me through all the “bad” times, I would have landed up doing engineering. Yes, I love her. And trust me if she reads this, I am going to be super embarrassed. [P.S. if you happen to read it, do NOT tell me]

And then you have the loving mom who cooks this delicious food (sometimes). She is the one who supported me during my cooking and baking hazards. And that’s why I can bake properly. I owe that to her. She instilled a sense of confidence in me. In my every decision, she is there. ALWAYS.

And now, for my dad. Sweetest guy in the whole world. No, not because he provides me with money for shopping. But just because of the mere fact that he is so loving and caring towards everyone in the family. When I say everyone, I mean everyone.

I might not be able to tell them all this but I truly love them a lot. Even more than MAD OVER DONUTS. Just kidding. They mean the world to me. I don’t know but this topic really makes me senti.

I LOVE YOU MOM, DAD AND MY SISTER! ( I really wish I could say it out loud)



The three days spent well.

So this is the media world. I attended my first ever BMM fest, POLARIS 2012: where genius meets madness. Oh yes, I did expect it to go a little crazy but they were the best three days of my life in this year. I am not kidding. From the day Polaris came to be known to us, as FYS, it was all about PR for me.

It’s public relationships, incase my engineer and medical friends don’t know. :p Thinking of crazy slogans, posters, flags, cutting, painting, drawing, etc. etc. forms it all.

The first day wasn’t that great but as the days went on, “Steve Jobs”-our contingent, came to be known by everyone. The level of tension, craziness, happiness, was badass.

Shouting out slogans in the hall was the best part. And I bring in some good news, especially for people who know how good I am at art, I painted!! I am super proud of it! My voice had been dead but hot milk brought in by my mother saved me. And I was able to shout on all the three days.

I can’t wait for more festivals to tick in. And most importantly, I can’t wait to organize fests at my own college. Also, I can’t wait to be the CL or the ACL for any fest!

I would just end it by saying that taking up BMM(bachelor of mass media) has been my BEST decision ever!

goodbye!! :*

All the memories that have been carried from the past 2 years are going to stay forever. But will the friends? Some heading to Russia, some to sangli, while some stay here. Oh yes, I definitely am sad but the best part is that they are doing what they love to do. Their entire life is going to be set. It’s one of those greatest feeling when you achieve something and have someone to thank for it. Many tears are going to be shed when they head out but the joy they will get after the completion of two years is going to be amazing.

Honestly, I am happy for a variety of reasons but them not being a part of my life everyday is the saddest thing. People move on, people change after a time interval. The good friends that we are now aren’t going to be the same friends in the next couple of years down the road.

I’m going to miss everyone a lot. This might just be the end of 1 chapter in our life, but it’s not  the end of our book (this dialogue is so classy and it fits everywhere :p) . It’s the start of a new life, a new journey. Start it with a big smile on your face because I love you all so much.

And 1 thing is for sure, you will miss me no matter what. 😛 kidding! I hope you all ready to set your foot in this new life!! And whatsapp is our bestest friend(if this word exists).

Enjoy! And good luck! And do not cry in front of me! 😦

it’s not another love story. give it a look!

What is love? Oh no, don’t worry. I won’t say love is blind and stuff like that. So you can still continue reading this. I haven’t experienced it am I not really looking forward to. What we actually do is. Start finding some guy cute and hot, take his phone number down (or he takes it down), chatting up 24*7, starting developing this huge crush from him, leads nowhere. I am not anti-love but I definitely am anti-relationship (if anything like that exists).

I just don’t get the point of falling in a relationship when you know you aren’t going to end up with up with that guy/girl. For fun, isn’t it? You wanna actually have fun, go play laser tag. Some great things about being single.  You don’t get to be a part of a gps navigation system that’s shoved up your ass. Not only that, but you actually can flirt with anyone you want and anytime you want. It’s the greatest thing ever.

Agreed that a little attention from someone seems good, but does it always remain as “little attention”? I am not trying to break you off from your relationship. Hats off to those committed souls. I could never survive in relationship. And I doubt I will.

Get all settled, have this huge amazing house, and keep having house parties and you’ll definitely score. Because I live for that. Open relationships are always the safest bet.

For now, live life. Watch porn! Enjoy! :p


Sitting on the window of your house, looking at the rain pour down from the heavy sky, the smell of the wet mud, having hot coffee, endless talks with your girlfriends. It’s like living the dream right?

Com’on.  That doesn’t really happen. So here comes the bitter truth. Travelling in jam packed buses and trains, touching each other’s sweaty bodies, going through all the possible pot holes, getting totally drenched, entering late in college is the reality. Don’t act all sad now because this is what life in Mumbai in.

We live in a metropolitan city with a population of 1.22 billion. (Yes, I googled it). It’s the fastest city ever. Not knowing Marathi and living in Mumbai is one hell of a job. I can understand, no doubt. But can’t read, can’t write. And I have survived from 9 years.

Living in Mumbai for over 9 years, it’s made me fall in love with it. Never ever  will any mumbain ever find a substitute for this super cool city. It’s the happening city. Night life can’t be forgotten. Safe? Totally. You tell any Mumbai resident to shift to “the capital-Delhi”, be ready for some crappy language!

Mumbai-meri jaan! Proud to be here! 

travelling in mumbai is a bit of a thing haan? it gets too fucked up at the end of the thing. i stay in chembur-kurla area so the preferred train in the CST fast local. getting an empty train is a bliss! i am no newbie to this city. we all have faced awkward moments around here. the dirty little stare from the cheap bastards. the blank look all the ladies give you in the moving train. these are just some usual things. people are so brain damaged that they actually look into your pocket and find ways to remove that little android phone of yours. or some people actually carry their own blades so as to cut in the purses.

its sick right? despite knowing all those negative of travelling in a train,i still do travel. its one of the cheapest and FASTEST way around mumbai. if we take our own vehicle,our journey of 35 minutes is definitely gonna turn into a journey of 3 hours 5 minutes!

but big fuck.the only advice i can give you-be safe when you travel! and stare at those who stare at you.