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Monthly Archives: June 2015

The famous Mumbai Monsoon

It’s that time of the season again! Hurray! Umm no, calm those monsoon vibes, the most dreadful season is here. There are 3 kind of people, as I like to think so. One group that love rain so much who don’t mind sitting in their window and enjoying people get wet with all the mud splashing from the cars. The second group of people that curse themselves everyday for this day to never come. The third and the last group of people who are completely neutral about it because hey, who needs to step out right?
Clearly from all the angst, I’ll fall in the category of hating rains so much I’d skip this season knowing the circumstances. I could literally list down the reasons why I hate rains but which is why I’m writing this article but okay.

Traffic. Every where you go, it’s flooded with just a day of rain in Mumbai. Okay rain Gods, we get it! Stop letting us be late for every work.  

Wet clothes. Goes without saying. Dump your jeans, dump your full length pants, dump your white beautiful clothes, dump it all away. With wet clothes comes the stink. Traveling in a public mode of transport with people literally touching you with their wet clothes/bodies. Not that I’m a complete hygiene freak but there has to be a limit.

Footwear. Pick out your 1 pair of footwear that you’ll wear for the rest of the monsoon period. Unless you want to save the embarrassment of slipping in front of a large public. (Happened once to me. That too on stairs. In public. Nothing can get worse than that)

Diseases, electrical cuts, sewage, bad transport facilities, a risk of flood are just a few reasons.

Also, what’s with the pakoda and chai references? Isn’t that more enjoyable in the winter (best weather everr)
No offense.

Anyway coming to the good part of this filthy (lol) period:
Comfort food. Soups are a win win situation this time. Filter coffee works. (Saving the good ones i.e. hot chocolate for the winters). Maggi would probably work (but hey, Maggi ban).

You’re saved from the Mumbai heat. No more sun, no more humidity, just dirty rain water all over.

I know people love rains and I completely respect that. What I’ve shared above is just my opinion. Hoping to not offend anyone. But enjoy this weather with steamy pakodas and coffee/chai (lol)


Dodo the Dog

700 days back, I decided how the human life has been degraded and there’s a massive need to bring about a change. 6 months and 5 days earlier, I stepped out to get an alter life for myself. To get the change I desired in the form of a living animal. Needless to say, it’s been the best decision of my life. Due to unfortunate reasons, my mother wasn’t very pleased with the idea of getting a dog home because of the mess they create. Assuring her, I went a step ahead to actually look for a dog. She strictly said no earlier but to get her to this level took a while (and of course, tears). She agreed for a small dog (in size) and I couldn’t ask for a lot back then.
I did find a suitable Lhasa Apso, named him Dodo. I know Dodo means a dumb dead bird. But it also means rare. Dodo for me symbolizes how rare things are. And how my mother went from point A to point B which was very rare for a stubborn person to do.
Anyway Dodo changed me. Dodo bought happiness to me. Dodo became my life. Dodo is everything my life needed. A paw for luck, they say. He was my lucky charm. My days went better. My nights were seamless.
Entertainer. A true form of entertainment, that. Whatever happened to getting bored at home?
Loyal. Follows my dad, my mom and myself wherever we go. Be it washroom or outside. I’ve never seen anyone be more ecstatic about seeing me walk through the door even when I leave him alone at home for almost the entire day.
Lazy. Oh yes, he’s the dog for me. Finding an opportunity to sleep every single time.

They all say, once you get a dog, there’s no going back. The amount of attachment with the dog is tremendous. (I just shed a teardrop while writing this)
Time for some black dark clouds.
Now’s the time when my mother has given up and wants him gone. She’s not ready to look at the other side. Doesn’t want to hire a helper. Doesn’t want to listen. I don’t know what’s next. I don’t know what’ll happen to Dodo.
He’s my first love. (It may sound absurd to those who don’t have pets but those who have pets can relate to it, I’m sure)
I wish there was a “cute cam” in my room capturing the adorable times between the two of us. He puts his front paw on my shoulder when he know I’m upset and oh dear, you should see how he pounces on my lap when he sees me cry (right about now).

Couldn’t have asked God for a better gift. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I won’t ever forget this.
Love. Always.


Chal Himachal

I recently made a trip to Himachal Pradesh along with 4 other friends. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life.
I’m not going to go on about the usual trip details but more about what the trip has taught me.
When 5 students go together to a far off place like that, you realize the importance of money. No, seriously. I had kept a count of small things like “20- Lays”, ” 30- ice cream”, etc. And then when you add up the numbers of the entire trip you get a mini heart ache. You tend to keep a track of the precious hard earned money.
Not just that, the feeling of being alone, the feeling of being responsible of not just you but the 4 other friends was also something to be taken into consideration for. You can’t let a friend go home with bruises or sick because parents have a mind of their own and they might just end up thinking of the worst possibilities.
Not only the experiences with the new place counts, but the experiences with friends count.
The good friend became the best friend, the friend of a friend became a good friend, the “I don’t talk to her much” became a close enough friend and a lot changed. The friendship grew deeper, tears were shed of happiness and of sadness and trust within the friends became deep by its roots.
“Sidd’s hungry”, ” Wait for Surel, guys”, “Pathetic”, ” Acha”, “This place gives such positive vibes dude” and a lot more will stay with us for a very long time now.
You know the trip was successful when you have major withdrawal syndrome. That way, this was the best trip ever. Don’t feel like going back to the daily life, don’t feel like doing anything. Just sitting back and having a nap forever would be perfect.
I couldn’t have possibly imagined this trip with other set of people. Finding comfort and trust in someone is what I mostly take back from this trip. And obviously the tan.