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Turmoils of Life.

As you may or may not, my stories are mostly inspired by people. Not because, I love meeting people but they’re the best source of stories and and well, learning. No, that wasn’t an interview answer as you may perceive it to be. I do believe in people, I do believe one is creative around creative people and I also do believe you grow with everyone combined together. Of lately, life decisions have been super hard. Don’t worry, I won’t “enlighten” you with them but hey, there’s something extremely exciting about taking decisions when you’re just 20. 

Well, “people”, or rather everybody has a life plan right? Or they presume they do or wait, maybe they let life take the flow of it. Maybe they let life take over and become a free bird in their life plan. No, I’m not going to criticize because I think it’s surprisingly beautiful how it actually makes sense. 

One dream, one motive, multiple ways and a thousand other distractions.

I’m not jotting down the motives, the dreams and the other cliche content. Neither am I writing about motivational shit you’re oh so fascinated by nor is this article about some “15 mindblowing ways you can overcome your tension”. No in fact it’s about IMAGINATION,something that drives us away from our monotonous life right?

You want to buy a dragon egg after watching Game of Thrones and do absolutely nothing with it, a Harvey suits after watching Suits and become the classiest lawyer ever, buy meth after watching Breaking Bad and want to be druggist (okay, point taken, sir). But you know what’s essential in life? A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BAG. 

People tell me there’s no scientific proof that zombies will happen but wait, what if they do? Do you have a bag ready? No, guess not. I suggest you start watching Walking dead and keep a bag with essential supplies ready. Okay? Okay. That said and done, this will be your best decision life. It was mine. 

I know I was talking about people but look at it, there are two ways to deal with life. 

  1. Let life take control of you. What happens? ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE OCCURS AND YOU AREN’T READY. Just kidding, it’s beautiful to be unprepared and letting things take their own turn and so so beautiful when life surprises you (omg mutants)
  2. You take control of life. What happens? Well, you have a bag pack with knives and guns maybe and food supply and you’re ready to take on zombies. No, you have life in your own control. This is a part of growing up, take decisions. Hold on to your decision and our fancy game of life. 

Obviously being very organized, I do prefer the later. But maybe I am missing out on something. Maybe. Just maybe. Either way, it’ll always be a maybe. 






About Niharika Gulati

Here to express my personal views. Mass media graduate. Have big dreams, feel the constant need to accomplish them one step at a time.

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