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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Mission MBA

A year back, people said “Niharika’s life is sorted. MBA and then a good job”. I guess it sounds that simple, you know. MBA admission will be a breeze, they said. Do not believe anyone who says that. Coming from a science background, people said it won’t be that difficult. But then I took a step into arts, into BMM. And from here on, my life started revolving around square roots, percentages and what now. Blah!

The struggle is real, my friend. I joined classes a year back but due to the pressure of projects and graduate studies, never got the time to actually sit and study properly for the exams. That’s one thing I thoroughly regret too. I wish I did listen to everybody who told me to study. I wish did study actually last year. I wouldn’t have to waste a year (right now).

Anyway no point in regretting. I’ve got a lot of people to prove right now. I won’t be the smartest of the lot but I’ll be the most hard working one of the lot. I don’t know what fate has in store for me. And I didn’t believe in these superficial things like fate and luck but after having experienced last year, I really do believe fate can take you places you’ve never been before. It’s something that drives you to your destination. Guess my destination is way too far but I’ll be there. If not now, then later.

(Okay that just motivated me to study)