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Turmoils of Life.

As you may or may not, my stories are mostly inspired by people. Not because, I love meeting people but they’re the best source of stories and and well, learning. No, that wasn’t an interview answer as you may perceive it to be. I do believe in people, I do believe one is creative around creative people and I also do believe you grow with everyone combined together. Of lately, life decisions have been super hard. Don’t worry, I won’t “enlighten” you with them but hey, there’s something extremely exciting about taking decisions when you’re just 20. 

Well, “people”, or rather everybody has a life plan right? Or they presume they do or wait, maybe they let life take the flow of it. Maybe they let life take over and become a free bird in their life plan. No, I’m not going to criticize because I think it’s surprisingly beautiful how it actually makes sense. 

One dream, one motive, multiple ways and a thousand other distractions.

I’m not jotting down the motives, the dreams and the other cliche content. Neither am I writing about motivational shit you’re oh so fascinated by nor is this article about some “15 mindblowing ways you can overcome your tension”. No in fact it’s about IMAGINATION,something that drives us away from our monotonous life right?

You want to buy a dragon egg after watching Game of Thrones and do absolutely nothing with it, a Harvey suits after watching Suits and become the classiest lawyer ever, buy meth after watching Breaking Bad and want to be druggist (okay, point taken, sir). But you know what’s essential in life? A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BAG. 

People tell me there’s no scientific proof that zombies will happen but wait, what if they do? Do you have a bag ready? No, guess not. I suggest you start watching Walking dead and keep a bag with essential supplies ready. Okay? Okay. That said and done, this will be your best decision life. It was mine. 

I know I was talking about people but look at it, there are two ways to deal with life. 

  1. Let life take control of you. What happens? ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE OCCURS AND YOU AREN’T READY. Just kidding, it’s beautiful to be unprepared and letting things take their own turn and so so beautiful when life surprises you (omg mutants)
  2. You take control of life. What happens? Well, you have a bag pack with knives and guns maybe and food supply and you’re ready to take on zombies. No, you have life in your own control. This is a part of growing up, take decisions. Hold on to your decision and our fancy game of life. 

Obviously being very organized, I do prefer the later. But maybe I am missing out on something. Maybe. Just maybe. Either way, it’ll always be a maybe. 








I’ve been off internet on my phone since a couple of weeks now, I switch it on if and when required (once a week, generally) and it doesn’t really make a big of difference.
I was quite active on Twitter until the whole “let’s shut net” thing came upon. I saw this post and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.
Such few words but such deep meaning in this. I am the type of person who does believe in philosophical quotes only if they make sense, not some forced one. This right here is not philosophical, is not deep but out right.
You know why I love it so much? Because it’s rather true. Let’s admit it, you are all waiting to explode the anger inside you by either shouting or crying or various other methods. You seek the opportunity when no one is home. You break down. You go to wash your face in the washroom, you look up and baam! There’s the mirror conveying the deepest truth possible. You look at yourself and wonder why is it you’re crying so much, who and what made the situation so tense, why is it always you? You want to stop crying, you want to stop those damn tears from rolling down your cheeks, you want life to take a pause but such is life.

Your reasons for crying may seem petty enough or maybe it’s just the anger pouring out in the form of tears but there are people dying because of terrorist attacks and malnutrition and what not and you are crying because of whatever reason it is. Get up, face the World, you can’t give excuses to yourself for making a scene out of this. You look at yourself in the mirror and you feel worse because that one look with your eyes swollen and red, your face filled with tear drops all over, your lips in the middle of cracking, you can’t even recognize yourself anymore.

You hold on to it, you want to stop this feeling of not being able to face yourself, your heart is rooting for you from the inside to stop crying, you take a deep breath and wish things could just turn around and voila! they don’t.

That, my friend, is pain.

This story above isn’t just a personal story but a story I know most of you guys go through whether you accept it or not.

sad week went by.

The world would be a better place for that week.” This is a quote by me. Yes, I said it just because of the mere fact that my parents planned to go out for a week. In my head, I can see myself partying and going out every night but that is NOT what happened.

A pretty lame week to start off with. I used to start my day by getting up, going to college, coming back half dead, watching all possible sitcoms till late night and sleep off. Of course, eating was there.

Since my parents have become tech-savvy, Whatsapp is something they love. So I used to get scarily cute messages which irritated me at times but it was so much fun to read about it.

Reasons why mom is required to stay with you-

  1. You get good food rather than going to subway.
  2. You wouln’t get creepy messages through whatsapp in the middle of a lecture.
  3. You won’t find colored post-its on the toilet seat later on.
  4. You don’t forget to take the bottle of water to college.
  5. You don’t have to listen to your elder sister brag about her day.
  6. You don’t have to pick up lame calls from your mom’s friends.
  7. You need to get used to your cell phone’s alarm clock.
  8. You don’t have anyone to get pissed off at.
  9. No one else can clean my room as the way she does.

They are returning tomorrow with a lot of stuff for me. (I am excited for the later). All in all, a week spent in front of my laptop with a blank face and a lot of food and a lot of usage up of the net. Pretty sad life, isn’t it?


FAMILY- yes, I am doing an article about them because they mean a LOT to me. Of course, there was a time when you wanted to be away from them but you know deep inside you couldn’t stay without them. I have never stayed without them for more than a week. And I really want to. Never got a hostel experience and I know for a fact, I never will for a minimum amount of three years.

All the ignorance, the looks, the raised eyebrows, the “talk to the hand” sign has started to intensify a little bit more these days. (This is just because when I come back from college, I am DEAD. FLAT on my bed.) And i am really sorry for all of this. 😦

Let’s jump on to my dearest sister. She gets brownie points here because I am doing BMM because of her. No, really. If she didn’t support me through all the “bad” times, I would have landed up doing engineering. Yes, I love her. And trust me if she reads this, I am going to be super embarrassed. [P.S. if you happen to read it, do NOT tell me]

And then you have the loving mom who cooks this delicious food (sometimes). She is the one who supported me during my cooking and baking hazards. And that’s why I can bake properly. I owe that to her. She instilled a sense of confidence in me. In my every decision, she is there. ALWAYS.

And now, for my dad. Sweetest guy in the whole world. No, not because he provides me with money for shopping. But just because of the mere fact that he is so loving and caring towards everyone in the family. When I say everyone, I mean everyone.

I might not be able to tell them all this but I truly love them a lot. Even more than MAD OVER DONUTS. Just kidding. They mean the world to me. I don’t know but this topic really makes me senti.

I LOVE YOU MOM, DAD AND MY SISTER! ( I really wish I could say it out loud)