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A dream full of dreams

With books in a subliminal corner, admit cards rolling in, scoring low in the mock tests, moving on from Mumbai Mirror to Economic Times, ticking off the chapter done, putting a star across the chapters undone, waking up to a desk full of organized books, surviving on coffee and chewing gums (and maybe alcohol), life’s changed and how.

2 weeks for my exams to roll in. 2 months for my exams to get over. 2 years of MBA. Well, my professor says “2 is a beautiful number”. Oh, indeed it is. But let’s face the sound of the music now, shall we?

Getting pampered while sitting at home is probably the best kind of comfort you’ll ever get. I’ve becoming so accustomed to it now, I don’t know how I’m going to survive it outside there in the World where I have to earn my own coffee, my own desk space, everything on my own. I should be scared but more than that, I’m excited for what my future holds.
I’m excited to give my exams, to study for 2 years, to work for another 2 years and then go abroad for further education. I’m so excited that sometimes I stream away from this excitement and settle in a place far far away where I have the most perfect life I’ve always dreamt of. It’ll be a climb but I guess it won’t be that bad.
Everyone has something to look forward to. To dream about.
Do not lose your spirit wherever you are, wherever you go. Keep that spirit alive.
Well, I get excited about having a fancy breakfast. Find your excitement. Find your dream. It’ll be worth it.


About Niharika Gulati

Here to express my personal views. Mass media graduate. Have big dreams, feel the constant need to accomplish them one step at a time.

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