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A dream full of dreams

With books in a subliminal corner, admit cards rolling in, scoring low in the mock tests, moving on from Mumbai Mirror to Economic Times, ticking off the chapter done, putting a star across the chapters undone, waking up to a desk full of organized books, surviving on coffee and chewing gums (and maybe alcohol), life’s changed and how.

2 weeks for my exams to roll in. 2 months for my exams to get over. 2 years of MBA. Well, my professor says “2 is a beautiful number”. Oh, indeed it is. But let’s face the sound of the music now, shall we?

Getting pampered while sitting at home is probably the best kind of comfort you’ll ever get. I’ve becoming so accustomed to it now, I don’t know how I’m going to survive it outside there in the World where I have to earn my own coffee, my own desk space, everything on my own. I should be scared but more than that, I’m excited for what my future holds.
I’m excited to give my exams, to study for 2 years, to work for another 2 years and then go abroad for further education. I’m so excited that sometimes I stream away from this excitement and settle in a place far far away where I have the most perfect life I’ve always dreamt of. It’ll be a climb but I guess it won’t be that bad.
Everyone has something to look forward to. To dream about.
Do not lose your spirit wherever you are, wherever you go. Keep that spirit alive.
Well, I get excited about having a fancy breakfast. Find your excitement. Find your dream. It’ll be worth it.


I let the music take over

Not updating my blog is another thing but not writing takes it onto a whole new level. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I would pick ad over journalism in my TY. Since so many things have happened to me since that time, one of the major things that I would remember is Blitzkrieg’12: LET THE MUSIC TAKE OVER! Yes, might have spammed about this everywhere but it’s our fest-KCBMM’S fest.

This ride starts with the theme which came out just a month prior to the actual fest took away all the possible attention. I’m not going to explain what the fest was, how the fest went, etc. I’m simply going to share my personal experience throughout Blitzkrieg’12.

One month prior to the fest, our seniors would freak out as to nothing is happening but it turns out it was one of the biggest BMM fest ever. We had ample amount of time to come up with the décor ideas and the madness around college. And when we did come up with ideas, it went MAD!

Making a red shiny guitar with thermocol, making CD boxes, making the portraits, coloring the cassettes with blue and green was tiring but fun. Being in college till 8-8:30 pm and travelling back to Chembur alone was crazy and then the everyday lectures by dad regarding the time made me a little badass which made me sneak out of the house once on Sunday. But com’on who wouldn’t that for their fest? It’s one thing all the BMM people look out for.

Apart from that, finding contacts from each college was one hell of a task. We got more than 30 colleges for the launch at Hard Rock Café, Mumbai. It feels so good when so many colleges around Mumbai are actually interested in what’s happening for your fest. Then calling the CL (contingent leader) and the ACL (assistant contingent leader) before every CL meet gave me nothing but contacts.

My job as an FY doesn’t end there. Helping them put up banners and all the crazy décor stuff we prepared was one experience within itself. I think organizing a fest at such a great level takes a lot of talent. Respect to all those who have managed a fest. I could easily get up by 6 am for preparing stuff for blitzkrieg but I can’t wake up at 8 am for a lecture. Priorities matter!

One Blitzkrieg might be done but I have two more blitzkriegs to go and I can’t wait to organize it next year.


The equalizer! :')

The equalizer! :’)

The three days spent well.

So this is the media world. I attended my first ever BMM fest, POLARIS 2012: where genius meets madness. Oh yes, I did expect it to go a little crazy but they were the best three days of my life in this year. I am not kidding. From the day Polaris came to be known to us, as FYS, it was all about PR for me.

It’s public relationships, incase my engineer and medical friends don’t know. :p Thinking of crazy slogans, posters, flags, cutting, painting, drawing, etc. etc. forms it all.

The first day wasn’t that great but as the days went on, “Steve Jobs”-our contingent, came to be known by everyone. The level of tension, craziness, happiness, was badass.

Shouting out slogans in the hall was the best part. And I bring in some good news, especially for people who know how good I am at art, I painted!! I am super proud of it! My voice had been dead but hot milk brought in by my mother saved me. And I was able to shout on all the three days.

I can’t wait for more festivals to tick in. And most importantly, I can’t wait to organize fests at my own college. Also, I can’t wait to be the CL or the ACL for any fest!

I would just end it by saying that taking up BMM(bachelor of mass media) has been my BEST decision ever!

goodbye!! :*

All the memories that have been carried from the past 2 years are going to stay forever. But will the friends? Some heading to Russia, some to sangli, while some stay here. Oh yes, I definitely am sad but the best part is that they are doing what they love to do. Their entire life is going to be set. It’s one of those greatest feeling when you achieve something and have someone to thank for it. Many tears are going to be shed when they head out but the joy they will get after the completion of two years is going to be amazing.

Honestly, I am happy for a variety of reasons but them not being a part of my life everyday is the saddest thing. People move on, people change after a time interval. The good friends that we are now aren’t going to be the same friends in the next couple of years down the road.

I’m going to miss everyone a lot. This might just be the end of 1 chapter in our life, but it’s not  the end of our book (this dialogue is so classy and it fits everywhere :p) . It’s the start of a new life, a new journey. Start it with a big smile on your face because I love you all so much.

And 1 thing is for sure, you will miss me no matter what. 😛 kidding! I hope you all ready to set your foot in this new life!! And whatsapp is our bestest friend(if this word exists).

Enjoy! And good luck! And do not cry in front of me! 😦