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About me

Let’s be really straight forward. I don’t really know myself to explain it out here.

For starters, I am a KCBMM student and trust me, I couldn’t be more proud of it. Moving on, I write what’s in my heart and most of it is there on my blog. I might not be able to write that well but the passion for writing is the reason I’m here.

Favorite novel I’ve read till now is “Memories of Midnight” by Sidney Sheldon. If you’re a book fanatic and like mystery, then that’s the book for you.

I love to try new types of places to eat and/or to drink.

Short tempered? Yes, I am not proud of it but when people piss me off (especially by not coming on time), it’s a bad scene.

Other than that, I like to believe I’m quite social. Would love to travel the World one day I earn good enough amount of money for myself. I am a true piscean at heart. Love water. Love everything related to it.

My blog is actually just about me and probably half the ups and downs I go through. I might not be very regular but I’m trying to be.

And to really know about me, read my blogs because that’s what describes me (in all aspects).

Have fun reading. 😀


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