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The famous Mumbai Monsoon

It’s that time of the season again! Hurray! Umm no, calm those monsoon vibes, the most dreadful season is here. There are 3 kind of people, as I like to think so. One group that love rain so much who don’t mind sitting in their window and enjoying people get wet with all the mud splashing from the cars. The second group of people that curse themselves everyday for this day to never come. The third and the last group of people who are completely neutral about it because hey, who needs to step out right?
Clearly from all the angst, I’ll fall in the category of hating rains so much I’d skip this season knowing the circumstances. I could literally list down the reasons why I hate rains but which is why I’m writing this article but okay.

Traffic. Every where you go, it’s flooded with just a day of rain in Mumbai. Okay rain Gods, we get it! Stop letting us be late for every work.  

Wet clothes. Goes without saying. Dump your jeans, dump your full length pants, dump your white beautiful clothes, dump it all away. With wet clothes comes the stink. Traveling in a public mode of transport with people literally touching you with their wet clothes/bodies. Not that I’m a complete hygiene freak but there has to be a limit.

Footwear. Pick out your 1 pair of footwear that you’ll wear for the rest of the monsoon period. Unless you want to save the embarrassment of slipping in front of a large public. (Happened once to me. That too on stairs. In public. Nothing can get worse than that)

Diseases, electrical cuts, sewage, bad transport facilities, a risk of flood are just a few reasons.

Also, what’s with the pakoda and chai references? Isn’t that more enjoyable in the winter (best weather everr)
No offense.

Anyway coming to the good part of this filthy (lol) period:
Comfort food. Soups are a win win situation this time. Filter coffee works. (Saving the good ones i.e. hot chocolate for the winters). Maggi would probably work (but hey, Maggi ban).

You’re saved from the Mumbai heat. No more sun, no more humidity, just dirty rain water all over.

I know people love rains and I completely respect that. What I’ve shared above is just my opinion. Hoping to not offend anyone. But enjoy this weather with steamy pakodas and coffee/chai (lol)


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Here to express my personal views. Mass media graduate. Have big dreams, feel the constant need to accomplish them one step at a time.

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