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The Ad World, the World less known to me was under the blanket for me and I only knew one thing post that, no client servicing in the future. Let’s take it on a reverse mode, shall we? An Advertising Agency, creating a hotspot for all the ad campaigns seems very intriguing but trust me, the 7 weeks I have spent working in an ad agency have not been the typical or maybe not so typical, “work-fun”.
Client servicing, a supposedly very crucial part of any ad agency are treated as the “pigeons” who are making presentations, talking to the creative, talking to the client and various researches. Did I like what I worked for? A clear no. Would I consider it in the future? A clear no. Did I like interning in an advertising agency? Definitely yes.

First day out here, I felt like Nemo in the sea full of other big fishes, completely lost and ignored. And there, it started. Being introduced to the people I will work with and the other big fishes. Won’t deny, but I was super excited to meet people and interact with them and learn. From getting welcome gifts at my last internship to getting literally nothing broke me for a while but hey, no money in the ad agency right? (I will not talk about my bosses here, what if they are stalkers too like me and probably end up reading this)

“Who is he/she? Which college? Maybe I know him, maybe not? Should I go talk to him/her? Will they be too creeped out and call me that creepy intern? Will they never talk to me again? What should I do? Ok, I’ll just wait for them to come talk to me because hey, I’m  a senior intern and I have work to do rather than socialize with people I barely will talk to in future.”, I thought to myself whenever a new intern walked in. 5 minutes after the thinking process, I go talk to them because f*** being that egoistic intern that never talks to the new people and never welcomes them to the World they have never been exposed to.

I probably would have learned about the functioning of an ad agency is only because of the observations and talks to other employees. The employees here are the most chilled out people I have ever seen in an organization (well, most of them) and the best part out here is most of them, 90% to be exact love Game Of Thrones. How could you in a World ridden by popular culture not watch or read Game Of Thrones?
I have a weird fascination to go approach someone and ask them about their relation with the ad agency and how they grew in this World. So there it was, the Sr. Creative Director held a workshop for us interns which to be very honest, summed up everything I wanted to know.
I did the same with the Sr. Creative Supervisor and bombarded him with all the possible questions about advertising and a lot more.

The internship is coming to an end, and I am stuck here and figuring out my future decisions but one thing is for sure, never come back to an ad agency as an employee. The search for that-perfect-job goes on. 


About Niharika Gulati

Here to express my personal views. Mass media graduate. Have big dreams, feel the constant need to accomplish them one step at a time.

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