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I let the music take over

Not updating my blog is another thing but not writing takes it onto a whole new level. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I would pick ad over journalism in my TY. Since so many things have happened to me since that time, one of the major things that I would remember is Blitzkrieg’12: LET THE MUSIC TAKE OVER! Yes, might have spammed about this everywhere but it’s our fest-KCBMM’S fest.

This ride starts with the theme which came out just a month prior to the actual fest took away all the possible attention. I’m not going to explain what the fest was, how the fest went, etc. I’m simply going to share my personal experience throughout Blitzkrieg’12.

One month prior to the fest, our seniors would freak out as to nothing is happening but it turns out it was one of the biggest BMM fest ever. We had ample amount of time to come up with the décor ideas and the madness around college. And when we did come up with ideas, it went MAD!

Making a red shiny guitar with thermocol, making CD boxes, making the portraits, coloring the cassettes with blue and green was tiring but fun. Being in college till 8-8:30 pm and travelling back to Chembur alone was crazy and then the everyday lectures by dad regarding the time made me a little badass which made me sneak out of the house once on Sunday. But com’on who wouldn’t that for their fest? It’s one thing all the BMM people look out for.

Apart from that, finding contacts from each college was one hell of a task. We got more than 30 colleges for the launch at Hard Rock Café, Mumbai. It feels so good when so many colleges around Mumbai are actually interested in what’s happening for your fest. Then calling the CL (contingent leader) and the ACL (assistant contingent leader) before every CL meet gave me nothing but contacts.

My job as an FY doesn’t end there. Helping them put up banners and all the crazy décor stuff we prepared was one experience within itself. I think organizing a fest at such a great level takes a lot of talent. Respect to all those who have managed a fest. I could easily get up by 6 am for preparing stuff for blitzkrieg but I can’t wake up at 8 am for a lecture. Priorities matter!

One Blitzkrieg might be done but I have two more blitzkriegs to go and I can’t wait to organize it next year.


The equalizer! :')

The equalizer! :’)


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  1. hahaha, you’ve just begun. Wait for it. It gets better 🙂


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