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The grand day! :p

So as I was sitting in the cab and travelling all the way from Chembur to Bandra and back from Bandra to Chembur, one particular question was running through my head-“What’s so special on friendships day?”

As people evolve, so does the thinking procedure. Let me take you through a time which we all have lived.

Part 1- The excited stage

“Friendships day” was just another small fest for us. The planning for this auspicious day had to be done days ago. Getting so many colorful ribbons and cutting them up equally was such a joyful event at that time. Also, getting some special friendship bands for those friends who were close to their hearts. When the clock used to strike 8, we used to run down carrying those friendship bands as if they were some heavy gold and most importantly we used to wait for the time when we tied those bands rather than wish them. After the formal ceremony was done, we used to look at our hands covered in those ribbons with “happy friendships day” written on most of them in some fancy font. Who wouldn’t want to stare at their own hands that way? It was one hell of a time, wasn’t it?

Part 2- The desperate days.

One another major section of our life was the schooling days. It was a time when ribbons were  the “kiddish” things while MARKERS were the hot ones. Writing “HFD” (it was the SMS time) on peoples body(everywhere) was the new thing. Not only hands or something but also, the shirt/t-shirt you are wearing would have been filled with “HFD” with a name bigger than “HFD”. But people did enjoy it and trust me, some of them still have those shirts/t-shirts saved up. It definitely bring some strong memories back, doesn’t it?

Part 3- The grown up stage

This is a time when the part 1 and part 2 starts looking gay. This is also the time when you don’t really give a shit about anything. Also, when you miss those memories (sometimes). And now I will go really deep into it. Some friends come, some friends go, some friends become bitch-ier, some friends change, but only some stay close to you. Our “friend” list is so endless that we probably don’t remember the name of our first friend. And we don’t really need a day to celebrate friendship day. What really matters is how the friendship ends and the way it ends. Some great writer once said, “a friend is the one who listens to you, understands you, cares for you and nurtures you.”

[the great writer was me :p]



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Here to express my personal views. Mass media graduate. Have big dreams, feel the constant need to accomplish them one step at a time.

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  1. nice bunch of friends…nice to see indian bloggers around…


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