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travelling in mumbai is a bit of a thing haan? it gets too fucked up at the end of the thing. i stay in chembur-kurla area so the preferred train in the CST fast local. getting an empty train is a bliss! i am no newbie to this city. we all have faced awkward moments around here. the dirty little stare from the cheap bastards. the blank look all the ladies give you in the moving train. these are just some usual things. people are so brain damaged that they actually look into your pocket and find ways to remove that little android phone of yours. or some people actually carry their own blades so as to cut in the purses.

its sick right? despite knowing all those negative of travelling in a train,i still do travel. its one of the cheapest and FASTEST way around mumbai. if we take our own vehicle,our journey of 35 minutes is definitely gonna turn into a journey of 3 hours 5 minutes!

but big fuck.the only advice i can give you-be safe when you travel! and stare at those who stare at you.


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